About Allure

Allure Systems combines proprietary hardware, advanced virtualization and computer vision technologies to create stunning on-figure garment images for clothing retailers. Each final image is a composite of a virtualized model and a garment photograph, and is indistinguishable from a single, traditionally-shot image.


Any of your models can appear to be wearing any of your clothes, but no longer need to attend a photo shoot; in fact, only stylists and garments are required to create new product images, transforming the productivity dynamic of any studio and rewriting your cost-per- image calculations. Multiple Allure Systems studios can be deployed anywhere in the world you choose. Linked to the same Product Information Management system, this liberates you to create unlimited, globally consistent, high-quality, on-brand images, anytime, anywhere. The processing time for any Allure Systems composite image is just a few hours, reducing the time-to- site by, potentially, days.


More – and more relevant – images increase a shopper’s confidence to buy. The higher throughput, increased flexibility and reduced human resource requirements of an Allure Systems studio make it affordable for you to showcase every garment with more visuals, and from more angles, than ever before.


By using a different virtualised model image with a garment photograph, it’s also easy to create new, perfect product images for different territories or different customer groups, without the need for additional shoots.


With augmented reality and 3D destined to deliver initiatives such as improved experience, better image search and personalization, Allure Systems imagery also future-proofs your image assets. While traditional photography can never produce 3D or AR-ready images for you – every Allure Systems studio can deliver 3D/AR-ready content for incorporation into future projects.